Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog Lovin'

  While I was reading my past blog entries, I couldn't help but think that maybe I really am destined for the glossy pages (I have the freedom to dream bwahahaha) . Though I still have to widen up my vocabulary because my mind's dictionary is not that profound (Note to self: read an actual dictionary!). Oh, and I will need a grammar review as well. Wonder where I got my passion for writing(or typing) came from...

   I think this whole writing my thoughts down started when I was in high school, specifically when I was in 1st year.

  I wasn't like how I am now. I couldn't share my thoughts with other kids 'cause I felt that they might laugh at me or whatever; and I wasn't the friendliest and the kid others wanted to hang out with then. All my thoughts and emotions were written down( too bad I threw all my old "documents" away because of embarassment ). Everything I felt it was there in my notebooks. Some of my classmates, the ones i'm comfortable sharing it with would know almost everything about me though that notebook of mine. But after about a year notebooks/journals/diaries were out of the picture..

  That was when the sensational "blog" came. Everyone was going digital. My blogs were my haven. I can write everything I wanted to express in it and people can actually read it. Here was the time I started wanting people to hear my thoughts out loud.

  I don't really know how many people have read my blog but I really hoped they enjoyed reading my entries(sans the wrong grammar and stuff). But one thing's for sure..

  "I want people to enjoy reading my entries; something that would spark their interest and keep reading on. I want people to read my thoughts, learn from what I share about my experiences in life, feel my emotions, and somehow be influenced by my passion; even if it means my life would eventually become an open book."