Monday, August 30, 2010


*There has been a lot of things going on in my head that I couldn't contain it any longer. Some of those thoughts end up here, so just read on if you want to know what runs in my mind. I may not have the widest vocabulary, but I am going to work on it.*
Do I want to be a somebody someday? I would have answered yes a few years back,
but now, I don't want to be JUST a somebody.
I want to be a somebody who CARES about the world and not just about myself.
I want to be somebody who can influence change.
I want to be somebody who can transfer people's IDEAS and my ideas as well intoACTION.
I want to be somebody who can foresee what the world will be needing.
I want to be somebody that can CHANGE THE WORLD.
I know everyone wants to "CHANGE" the world but only a few tried doing it so.
You know what's lacking?

Belief in God and ourselves.
First of all, we can't do anything without God, seriously.
Second, dude, we have to have faith in ourselves as well. We cannot do something if we are not 100 percent certain that it will work.
Believe that we can affect change. Believe that we can do anything( with God's help of course). It is the belief level that gets people going and motivated in reaching their goals and aspirations.
Here is also where our confidence sets in. We should believe that we have the power to affect change.
"Who will believe in you if you yourself do not believe in yourself??"
Now that we've got the faith, what's next?

So we do believe in ourselves, but we do not know where to start.
I call this the idea generating stage. We've got the faith now we have to know where to put our faith into.
Another quotation comes to my mind when we talk about planning.
"Those who fail to plan, plan to fail."
We can't start anything without planning it out first.
Here also lies our vision, something that we foresee that can create a big impact in our society as we know it.
So what can we do that can make a big influence on people around us, or even on to a much wider audience?
Now we got this awesome idea!What now?

I know it, we all know it.
We got all these crazy ideas on how we can change the world yet it remains inside our heads.
Why can't we do something about it?
We might say it is not that easy, but what the heck, we can do anything if we just believe in what we're advocating;

Our confidence, coupled with a well laid plan and putting our plan out through our feet,

Let our journey on influencing change in the world begin.

*I really should credit the Princess Diaries for inspiring me to write this entry and for inspiring me to be a somebody who can definitely change the world.*

"Now I am starting to create my own famous stories"

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